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17/03/2017: Coming soon:

LICK IT BACK has three new posters off the press;

Prince Buster: The recently deceased Prince of Ska & God Father of Two-Tone has left us with a wealth of music scattered over these great labels that could be found in Charles - or Orange - Streets in Downtown Kingston.,

Jazz Jamaica celebrates the Silk screen sleeve that graced one of Coxsone Dodd first albums: and it’s still in print some 55 years later.

Reggae is Tight: The Trojan glory days have left an indelible mark on the musical soul of the UK.

All prints on usual high quality 250gsm card and hand printed on a traditional ‘Letter Press’ press.


Dub Store Records New Releases

The Techniques & Friends - Winston Riley's Rock Steady & Early Reggae 1968-1969 CD / LP
1. Dave Barker - Your Love Is A Game
2. The Mad Lads - So Afraid
3. The Techniques - I Feel Alive Again
4. The Techniques - Heart Of A Man
5. The Techniques - What Am I To Do
6. The Techniques -where Were You
7. The Techniques - The Reason Why
8. The Shades - Never Gonna Give You Up
9. The Techniques - Just One Smile
10. The Techniques - Man Of My World
11. The Mad Lads - Mother Nature
12. The Mad Lads - I Never Know
13. The Techniques You Are My Everything
14. The Techniques - Time Has Come
15. The Shades - She's Gonna Marry Me

King Jammys Dancehall 2: Digital Roots & Hard Dancehall 1984-1991 CD / 2xLP
1. Dennis Brown - History
2. Cornell Campbell - Nothing Don't Come Easy
3. Admiral Tibet - Victim Of Babylon
4. Wailing Souls - Move On
5. Tinga Stewart - No Drugs
6. Pad Anthony - Dangerous System
7. Wackad - Cry For The Youths
8. Dennis Brown - Tracks Of Life
9. Al Campbell - Don't Take Your Gun To Town
10. Pad Anthony - Gotta Be Strong
11. Junior Delgado - Run Come
12. Junior Murvin - Cool Down The Heat
13. Prince Junior - Crucial Boy
14. Horace Andy - Love Light Of Mine
15. Half Pint - One Big Ghetto
16. King Jammy - Nothing Don't Come Easy Version
17. King Jammy - Victim Of Babylon Version
18. King Jammy - Don't Take Your Gun To Town Version
19. King Jammy - Gotta Be Strong Version
20. Prince Jammy - Crucial Boy Version

Hux Brown - Drugs Man / Tinga Stewart - Weird World (Power Pack / Dub Store Records) JPN 7"

Millions - Love Of Jah Jah Children - Version (Typhoon / Dub Store Records) JPN 7"



Natives - Live It Up / You You (Never Break My Heart) (Del Tone / Reggae Fever) EU 7"
Great Rocksteady double sider produced by one of the few female producers in Jamaica, Enid Barnett.The Natives Band members seems to be a hard puzzle, we heard that one of them was Ossie, who was the same Ossie as in Ossie+the Upsetters.

Sir Harry - My Time Now / Thoroughbreds - Morning Rises (Drum Beat / Reggae Fever) EU 7"
Here is what Peter Austin wrote about Sir Harry: "Sir Harry was a likely guy. He did a little gardening for a living. But he loved reggae music and especially the Clarendonians and Hugh Roy the toaster/dj very much, so he tried dj-ing as he was always in and around the studios. He would beg to do certain dj music for producers whom i believe never paid him very much if any at all, he was as I remember him, a very friendly person.

Ethiopians - Here I Come / Rook Ma Dine (JJ / Buyreggae) EU 7"
"Here I Come" is one of those early Reggae songs with that special Rocksteady feel,and shows Ranny Bop Williams picking his guitar in a "Lynn Taitt style". As far as we know these two songs were only ever released on a blank label 7" in Jamaica at the time.

Carl Dawkins - Baby I Love You / Val Bennett & JJ All Stars - Cabbage Leaf (JJ / Buyreggae) EU 7"
"Baby I Love You" was one of Carl Dawkins greatest hits, recorded in 1967 for producer JJ Johnson, here coupled with Val Bennett's sax version over the same rocksteady riddm.

Winston Wilbert (aka Johnny Osbourne) - All I Have Is Love / Sparkers - Dig It Up (Spade Records / Buyreggae) EU 7"
"All I Have Is Love" was recorded for a Ranny Bop Williams/Hippy Boys session that took place at Studio One. The song was released on Harry Robinsons "Carib-Dis-Co" label in 1969. Coxsone later remixed and released the song on his own label, although he was not the original producer. For the B-side, Tony King remembers: "Yea now "Dig It Up" I remember the session and it was Ranny's session.

Peter Tosh - Downpresser / Righteous Upsetters - Downpresser Version (Upsetter / Buyreggae) EU 7"
Originally recorded by the Wailers as a Ska song for Studio One called "Sinner Man", Peter Tosh redid the song for producer Lee Perry in 1971. The Wailers at the time of the recording were just Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer, Bob was not around, and the Righteous Upsetters were the members of the Hippy Boys, Carlton Barrett, Family Man, Ranny Bop Williams, Alva Lewis and Glen Adams.

Clive Hylton - From Creation / Upsetters - Creation Dub (Black Art / Buyreggae) EU 7"
Recorded on the Upsetters instrumental "Underground Roots", this is the first time that Clive Hylton's "From Creation" is available on 7" format.

Faithful Brothers - Iniquity Worker / Righteous Upsetters - Iniquity Version 2 (Upsetter / Buyreggae) EU 7"

Slow and powerful song by the Faithful Brothers, produced by the master Lee Perry himself, on one of those early reggae riddims that he could have also used for his early work with Bob Marley and the Wailers. Not sure who the Faithful Brothers were, actually.

Derrick Morgan & Desmond Dekker - Do The Beng Beng / Beverly's All Stars - Express (Hop / Buyreggae) EU 7"
This is Derricks invitation to do the new dance in 1968 called "Shing-A-Ling". The Dekker brothers, Desmond and George, doing the harmonies on "Do The Beng Beng". B-side plays the instrumental version of the Pioneers hit "Pee Pee Cluck Cluck"


This message regarding Trojan's Spirit Of '69 box set has appeared on Trojan's website:

"Within days of its release, the long awaited 'Spirit Of '69' 7" vinyl box set had sold out, leaving many of those who had wanted the collection still without a copy.

To all such affected customers we offer our sincere apologies and hope that despite their disappointment they are prepared to bear with us until the delivery of the next batch of stock in a few weeks' time.

The myriad problems that have affected the manufacture and distribution of the box have been unprecedented, and a number of positive measures have been put into place to ensure that future Trojan releases will never again be so adversely affected.

It has at times been a frustrating and often infuriating experience and we are truly grateful to all of those who have continued to support us throughout this difficult time."

Spirit Of ’69: The Boss Reggae Sevens Collection: Trojan Records

Picking up where Trojan's widely acclaimed skinhead reggae set, Haunted House  left off a decade ago, Spirit Of ‘69 was compiled and annotated by the late Michael de Koningh , and comprises faithful reproductions of eight of the most collectable Trojan 7" singles from the golden age of boss reggae .

Presented in a handsomely designed box, all of the records are housed in a card sleeve that replicates the classic design of the late sixties and early seventies, while the set also includes a stylish card insert, featuring eye-catching imagery and a fascinating essay on the original ‘boss reggae’ sound and each of the singles.

With original copies of all eight discs in the collection now exchanging hands for three figure sums, Spirit of '69  at last provides fans of the boss reggae sound the opportunity to possess some of the finest and rarest 45s of the era without needing to break the bank!

The full track-listing is as follows:

Disc 1: Duke, DU-5

A. Cuss Cuss - Lloyd RobinsonB. Lavender Blue – Lloyd Robinson

Disc 2: Trojan, TR-638

A. Dulcemania – Drumbago & The DynamitesB. Chinaman – Clancy Eccles

Disc 3: Big Shot, BI-511

A. Another Lonely Night – Derrick Harriott / B. Been So Long – Derrick Harriott

Disc 3: Duke, DU-19

A. Freedom Sound– Lloyd Charmers as The Afrotones / B. Easy Sound – The J Boys

Disc 5: Trojan, TR-661

A. Ali Baba - John HoltB. I’m Your Man - John Holt

Disc 6: Duke DU-37

A. Everybody Bawling – Vincent Gordon as Don Drummond JuniorB. Come Look Here (Girls Expose) – The Silvertones aka The Gold Tones

Disc 7: Trojan, TR-677

A. If This World Were Mine – Tyrone EvansB. You Done Me Wrong – Tyrone Evans & The Slickers

Disc 8: Amalgamated, AMG-846

A. Apollo 11 – The Hippy Boys as The Moon BoysB. Love Love Everyday – The Pioneers



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